Number of Units

CHN currently owns and operates more than 1,200 units of permanent supportive housing. CHN also manages and/or administers rent subsidies for approximately 400 additional apartments in Franklin County.

Number and Type of Households

Total number of current households is approximately 1,800
Total percentage of households with 1 person is 84%
Total percentage of households with more than one person is 16%
Total percentage of families with children under 18 is 15%
Total number of household members is approximately 1,635
Average number of children per family is 2

Number (%) of Formerly Homeless Households

At least 66% of CHN's current approximately 1,270 households were formerly homeless. Of these, at least 42% of all formerly homeless and 28% of all CHN households were chronically homeless for several months to years and disabled.


Households headed by men: 51%
Households headed by women: 49%

One-Person Households

Men: 59%
Women: 41%

Of those singles, the Rebuilding Lives (formerly) chronically homeless have a higher percentage of men:

Men: 70%
Women: 30%

Families with Children

Headed by single mothers: 92%
Headed by men: 8%

Race and Ethnicity

African American: 59%
Caucasian: 39%
Latino: Less than 1%
Native American, Asian, Other Races, Combination of Races: Less than 2%

Rebuilding Lives Program Participants

African American: 69%
Caucasian: 27%
Latino: 2%
Native American: 2%


Heads of Households: 45
Rebuilding Lives Program Participants: 48

Average Income

CHN Households Average Income: $5,045