CHN Family Homes is a scattered-site project that provides affordable supportive housing to 15 homeless disabled families with children. The families served in CHN Family Homes have lived in emergency shelters and may have experienced multiple episodes of homelessness. At least one adult in each family is disabled with mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, chronic unemployment and/or physical disabilities.

The homeless families that enter CHN Family Homes have been referred by the Community Shelter Board's Unified Support Housing System (USHS). 

Units include existing CHN-owned scattered-site apartments, with sizes appropriate to family size, primarily with two to three bedrooms. CHN's apartments are located on or near major bus lines, in residential or mixed commercial/multi-family areas, thus affording easy access to grocery stores, medical facilities, schools, recreation and community centers and services. In accordance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, CHN Family Homes makes reasonable accommodations for residents with disabilities.

Resident services

CHN works in collaboration with community-based social, health and employment programs to provide needed services to these families. A full range of supportive services is available for the families to assist them in achieving long-term stability and personal growth toward self-sufficiency, including support from community-based mental health centers. Depending on the needs of the family, services may include ongoing assessment, case management, psychiatric services, individual and family counseling, substance abuse treatment, assistance with daily living, and job skills and employment training and placement. Households are also linked to rental subsidies and benefits.

Project management

CHN developed, owns, manages and operates all CHN Family Homes.  


Community Housing Network and its partners would like to thank the following organizations for their funding and support of this project:

  • Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Housing Trust Fund
  • Ohio Housing Finance Agency

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

CHN Family Homes