Emergency Maintenance Requests and Repairs

In the event of a maintenance emergency, please call (800) 274-5053.

The Community Housing Network Maintenance Department responds to all emergency maintenance requests as soon as possible and within 24 hours. Our phone is covered by an answering service during non-business hours. Our answering service will contact our on-call maintenance person who will respond to your request as soon as possible.

The following maintenance issues are classified as emergency requests:

  • Access to unit requested by police, fire department, emergency squad

  • Air conditioning not working if temp. is above 85 Fahrenheit

  • Break-ins - also call 911

  • Broken or frozen pipes

  • Broken or inoperable smoke detector

  • Broken windows

  • Fire - also call 911

  • Gas leak - also call Columbia Gas (1-800-344-4077)

  • Kitchen or basement drain backed up

  • Major appliance not working, including the garbage disposal

  • Natural disaster - damage caused by wind, storm or fire

  • No heat, if the outside temperature is below 40 Fahrenheit

  • No water or no hot water

  • Power failure - also contact AEP (1-800-277-2177)

  • Resident locked out of apartment (you may be charged for this service)

  • Sewer backup (toilet stopped up or overflowing).

  • Water leaks or flooding (including roof leaks)


For other emergencies, please call 911 or appropriate support services (e.g. case manager, resident manager or on-site staff) and notify CHN at 487-6700.


Please call 614-487-6778 for any extermination requests.  Also refer to for ways to prevent bed bugs and how to get rid of them if you have them.