Community Housing Network has developed and managed more than 1,600 apartments located at 147 different sites scattered throughout Franklin County in 32 zip codes, and currently serves more than 2,000 people in apartments throughout Columbus’ urban neighborhoods as well as surrounding communities, including six suburban communities.

Resident services

CHN offers residents supportive services to enable them to find work, maintain their treatment and recovery and lead fulfilling lives. CHN's supportive housing environments also provide peer support and a sense of community, both of which are often lacking in the lives of the formerly homeless and people with a disability. All CHN residents have access to supportive services through CHN's service partners.

Project management

CHN provides property maintenance and arranges for residents to sign permanent leases and appropriate addendum for housing.

Hawthorn Grove

Southpoint Place


East Fifth Avenue

Inglewood Court

Safe Haven

Dogwood Glen

Jefferson Avenue

Cassady Avenue

CHN Family Homes

North 22nd Street

Holt Avenue

Terrace Place

Parsons Avenue

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Community relations

CHN's philosophy is to be open and honest with its neighbors. CHN strives to overcome concerns and reassure people that residents are committed to improving their lives. Residents want what everyone else in the neighborhood desires—a sense of community and a place to call home. A stable living environment is their step toward improving health, maintaining recovery, finding work and keeping families united. CHN forms a Community Advisory Councils in communities prior to the development of properties to assure responsiveness to community concerns. CHN encourages councils to enter into a Good Neighbor Agreement —a framework for mutual expectations and ongoing communications. For more information or to volunteer to serve on the Community Advisory Council, please email the Communications and Public Affairs Department at