Safe Haven provides permanent supportive housing for up to 16 formerly homeless persons with disabilities who previously had difficulty obtaining or maintaining housing. Safe Haven has 13 studio apartments, a common social area, and offices. The location is in close proximity to public transportation, convenience shopping and employment opportunities.

Resident services

Safe Haven residents receive services offered through Counseling Services, and other service providers. Southeast, Inc., is one of the largest community mental health centers in Franklin County and has a long track record of providing mental health and substance abuse services to homeless people. Services include ongoing assessment, case management, psychiatric services, medication, monitoring, 

Safe Haven

individual counseling, substance abuse treatment, daily living activities assistance, skills training and referrals to community services. Support services are made available to residents on a voluntary basis and residents are encouraged to obtain case management services that are made available to them. CHN encourages the use of its Employment Center, as well as other job and vocational services.


Project management

CHN developed, owns, manages and operates Safe Haven. CHN staff are present in the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide general oversight and supervision. An onsite service engagement specialist, provided by Concord Counseling Services, assists residents with making adjustments to apartment living and developing life goals.



Community Housing Network and its partners would like to thank the following organizations for their funding and support of this project:

  • ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board) of Franklin County
  • City of Columbus

  • Ohio Development Services Agency 

  • Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (Section 8)

  • Community Shelter Board

  • Franklin County

  • United Way of Central Ohio

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development